Prowl experiencing problems

Prowl has been experiencing problems for the last week (starting ~11/26/12). We are working with the author of Prowl to try and resolve these issues. The symptom is that messages are not being delivered to Prowl customers. Please use GoogleTalk, SMS and e-mail until these problems are resolved.

June 30, 2012

Due to electrical storms in North Virginia, Amazon is reporting a large number of its cloud computing resources are down. This, unfortunately, includes Rescue Minute:

We will report back when services are restored.

Database operation - 6/20/12

During the day 6/20, we will be doing some lengthy database operations, which may SLOW DOWN (likely not disrupt) service for approximately 12 hours starting at 9 AM.

Mind our dust....

Prior to launch of Rescue Minute's service as a paid subscription, we will be doing several activities that WILL impact the service. We'll try and confine these to announced downtime, but because we're actively signing up many (BETA) subscribers each day, we're rapidly scaling the system to improve performance. This means that there WILL be unnannounced downtime.

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