Rescue Minute, Inc. (“Rescue Minute”) provides a service to augment existing communications methods used by fire, medical and law enforcement. This service is never to be used exclusively or as a replacement for current communications. While every effort is made to ensure that the service is operational continuously, there may be disruptions, caused by software errors, failures in underlying communications, power grid, or by underlying servers and services upon which Rescue Minute relies. Rescue Minute relies on the third-party owned and operated networks that are subject to coverage and data outages, including the internet, cellular phones and text messaging, which are beyond the control of Rescue Minute. The customer agrees that under no circumstances shall Rescue Minute be liable for any damages or liability caused by a failure of the service beyond the direct reimbursement for subscription fees for the outage period, if Rescue Minute's services failed.

Rescue Minute may choose to further augment and parse received information on behalf of the customer. This augmentation may include maps, historical data and directions. All of this augmentation must be treated by the customer as suspect, and may include erroneous information. All responding personnel and vehicles must use existing methods for navigation, following all operating procedures and guidelines, and all laws governing safe transport to a scene.

Rescue Minute obtains data from various sources, including dispatch centers, e-mail, over-the-air transmissions, web, and text messaging. The generators of information are not responsible for the data processing performed by Rescue Minute, nor are they responsible for the successful transmission of this data to Rescue Minute's customers. If there is any problem with Rescue Minute's system, customers agree to contact Rescue Minute directly at [email protected] or 303-800-2200. In particular, dispatch operations directly or indirectly linked via software, by over-the-air capture, or by text messaging, are NOT responsible or associated with Rescue Minute's services.